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I help Brands drive top-line growth by focusing on network-based business models, lean startup principles and a data-driven culture.


The Difference

Create Network-based Business models

I focus on the opportunity to accelerate your growth by leveraging network capital such as relationships. By creating platforms and networks which are open or decentralised, this will enable you to build stronger relationships, sell more, scale efficiently and accelerate innovation.

Adopt Lean Startup Principles

I can help you make the shift to meet the demands of the 21st century. The ambition is to help you adopt entrepreneurial principles to be able to compete in an age of disruption.

Establish a Trust-driven Culture

Trust takes years to build and seconds to lose. In times where Brand trust levels have reached new lows, it becomes critical for you to regain that trust not only with Technology but also with the right processes and behaviours.

Apply Behavioural Science

Over the years I have found that good products are not sufficient to thrive in today’s competitive environment. That’s the reason you need to apply the latest social psychology, persuasion and behavioural economics principles.

Hire me to speak

Over the last 15 years I have spoken at various events ranging from intimate settings to larger conferences.
I am based in the UK, but am flexible to travel.
These are my areas of expertise:

• Key Emerging technologies which will disrupt our world
• Adopt a new organisational culture to thrive in today's fast-paced world
• Innovate effectively by embracing lean startup principles

If you are looking to hire me for your next event, please Email me and I will get back to you!

About me

I am an entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist, speaker and blogger. Founder and CEO of Authentic Growth Consulting Ltd.

My mantra is to “To accelerate Growth and build Trust in Brands so that they can develop more meaningful relationships with people across the world”.

I help Brands drive top-line growth by focusing on network-based business models, lean startup principles and a data-driven culture.

I bring 15 years’ international experience in developing and executing innovative product, business development and marketing strategies for global corporations and a start-up across Europe and Latin America. I am a Go-to-market expert with a focus on FinTech, e-Commerce, Telco, Retail and consumer electronics verticals.
Launched and managed over 500 products across 30 countries during my entire career. Finally, I can help you navigate local markets as I speak 5 languages.

Family, health and authenticity are my core values in life.
I have a passion for technology and behavioural science. Loving good food, fine wine and artisan coffee. You’ll also find me learning, reading books, playing tennis and skiing. I am currently living in London, UK.
You can find more information about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

“We engaged Authentic Growth Consulting to help us re-evaluate our business model and further define our sales and marketing strategies. Over the course of a month Marc worked closely with our senior team, first learning about our business and the relevant markets, before mapping out — in detail — market entry strategy and tactics. This included careful re-assessment of our sales and partnership targets, as well as the product and services we are offering. Marc’s input is already being put into practice and I have no doubt that it will be pivotal in our continued success and disruption of the market. I highly recommend Authentic Growth Consulting and look forward to Marc’s continued input into our business.”

– Prask Sutton, CEO, Wi-5

Prask Sutton - Wi-5

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